Music and Lyrics: The Perfect Marriage

Music, songs, lyrics and poetry are cited by many as the window to one’s soul, the purest form of communication. For me music has always been magic. The way in which notes can be made from pieces of wood or metal, by the passing of air through strategically placed holes or the pulling of strings in a particular manner is mesmerizing. However, unfortunately while I am occasionally able to write poetry I have thus far been unsuccessful in learning a musical instrument (though admittedly I haven’t made significant effort) or being able to sing.

While so far I have blogged out some of the locations I have had the privilege of visiting, the idea of this blog came on a flight back home while listening to the songs on my playlist. This will be a much shorter blog than the previous ones, and will provide my opinion on the importance of lyrics and music as well as some of my all-time favourite songs, Hindi and English. However, I should point out that this opinion piece is completely from an amateur perspective as I have no knowledge of the technicalities associated with the creation of music and is based on a limited palate in terms of the genres I usually listen to.

There has always been a debate concerning the more important component in music or songs today, the music itself or the lyrics. While I am inclined towards favouring the importance of lyrics, I strongly believe both the musical notes and the lyrics are two parts of a whole, both somewhat incomplete without the other. For me music and lyrics are like a chocolate brownie and ice cream, though each can be had and enjoyed on their own, together they are ten times better. Similarly music and lyrics, while can be enjoyed in their own stand, are that much more moving and impactful if married well together. It is thus no wonder that my favourite songs are the ones which have beautiful lyrics and powerful music carrying them. Below I have listed my favourite songs, which according to me not only had really strong lyrics but equally strong music to compliment them. These are not ranked in any manner, and simply provide a listing of my favourites.

  • Set Fire to the Rain

Singer/Artist: Adele;

Album: Adele 21

year: 2011

  • Harder to Breathe:

Singer/Artist: Maroon 5

Album: All About Jane

Year: 2002

  • All of Me

Singer/Artist: John Legend

Album: Love in the Future

Year: 2013

  • Allah Ke Bande:

Singer/Artist: Kailash Kher

Album: Waisa bhi Hota Hain Part II

Year: 2003

  • Being Alive:

Singer/Artist: Chris Colfer (cover)

Album: Glee Season four

Year: 2012

  • Bohemian Rhapsody:

Singer/Artist: Queen

Album: A Night at the Opera

Year: 1975

  • The Climb:

Singer/Artist: Miley Cyrus

Album: Hannah Montana: the Movie

Year: 2009

  • Crazy Love:

Singer/Artist: Jason Manns and Jensen Ackles (Cover)

Album: Unknown

Year: 2009

  • Cry:

Singer/Artist: Lea Michelle (cover)

Album: Glee Season three

Year: 2012

  • Let It Go:

Singer/Artist: Demi Lovato (cover)

Album: Frozen

Year: 2013

  • Lego House:

Singer/Artist: Ed Sheeran

Album: +

Year: 2011

  • Every Breath You Take:

Singer/Artist: The Police

Album: Synchronicity

Year: 1983

  • Free Falling:

Singer/Artist: John Mayer (cover)

Album: Where the Light is

Year: 2008

  • Get it Right:

Singer/Artist: Lea Michelle

Album: Glee the Music, Volume 5

Year: 2011

  • Gives You Hell:

Singer/Artist: All American Rejects

Album: When the World Comes Down

Year: 2008

  • Good Life:

Singer/Artist: OneRepublic

Album: Waking Up

Year: 2010

  • Aye Mere Pyare Vatan:

Singer/Artist: Manna Dey

Album: Kabuliwala

Year: 1961

  • Crazier:

Singer/Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Hannah Montana: The Movie

Year: 2008

  • I see fire:

Singer/Artist: Ed Sheeran

Album: the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and x (Deluxe Edition)

Year: 2013

  • Home:

Singer/Artist: Philip Philips

Album: The World from the Side of the Moon

Year: 2012

  • Hotel California:

Singer/Artist: Eagles

Album: Hotel California

Year: 1977

  • How Deep is Your Love:

Singer/Artist: Bee Gees

Album: Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track

Year: 1977

  • Thank You for the Music:

Singer/Artist: ABBA

Album: The Album

Year: 1977

  • How Will I know:

Singer/Artist: Whitney Houston

Album: Whitney Houston

Year: 1985

  • I Have Had the Time of My Life:

Singer/Artist: Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Album: Dirty Dancing

Year: 1987

  • I lived:

Singer/Artist: OneRepublic

Album: Native

Year: 2013

  • I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Singer/Artist: U2

Album: The Joshua Tree

Year: 1987

  • I’m Yours:

Singer/Artist: Jason Mraz

Album: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things

Year: 2008

  • If I Die Young:

Singer/Artist: Naya Rivera (cover)

Album: Glee Season 5

Year: 2013

  • Kabhi:

Singer/Artist: Josh

Album: Mausam

Year: 2006

  • Just The Way You Are:

Singer/Artist: Finn Hudson and New Directions (cover)

Album: Glee the Music, Volume 4

Year: 2010

  • What Goes Around Comes Around:

Singer/Artist: Justin Timberlake

Album: Future Sex/ Love Sounds

Year: 2006

  • Listen

Singer/Artist: Beyonce

Album: Dreamgirls and B’Day

Year: 2007

  • Loser Like Me:

Singer/Artist: Glee Cast

Album: Glee: The Music, Volume 5

Year: 2011

  • Love Story:

Singer/Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Fearless

Year: 2008

  • Man in the Mirror:

Singer/Artist: Michael Jackson

Album: Bad

Year: 1987

  • Mine

Singer/Artist: Naya Rivera (cover)

Album: Glee The Music, Season 4, Volume 1

Year: 2012

  • Mirrors:

Singer/Artist: Justin Timberlake

Album: The 20/20 Experience

Year: 2013

  • My Immortal:

Singer/Artist: Evanescence

Album: Fallen

Year: 2003

  • My Love:

Singer/Artist: Westlife

Album: Coast to Coast

Year: 2000

  • Never Grow Up:

Singer/Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Speak Now

Year: 2010

  • What Makes You Beautiful:

Singer/Artist: One Direction

Album: Up All Night

Year: 2011

  • Perfect

Singer/Artist: Unknown (not the original Pink version)

Album: Unknown

Year: Unknown

  • Piano Man:

Singer/Artist: Billy Joel

Album: Piano Man

Year: 197

  • Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be, will be)

Singer/Artist: Doris Day

Album: Que Sera, Sera

Year: 1956

  • Kasme Vaade

Singer/Artist: Manna Dey

Album: Upkar

Year: 1967

  • Say Something:

Singer/Artist: Christina Aguilera ft A Great Big World

Album: Now That’s What I Call Music Vol 44

Year: 2014

  • Beeti na Beetai Raina:

Singer/Artist: Bhupinder Singh, Lata Mangeshkar

Album: Parichay

Year: 1972

  • The Scientist

Singer/Artist: Glee Cast (cover)

Album: Glee The Music, Season 4, Volume 1

Year: 2012

  • Scream:

Singer/Artist: Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

Album: HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1

Year: 1995

  • Seasons in the Sun

Singer/Artist: Terry Jacks

Album: Seasons in the Sun

Year: 1973

  • Seasons of Love:

Singer/Artist: Glee Cast (cover)

Album: the Quarterback

Year: 2013

  • Send it On:

Singer/Artist: Miley Cyrus, the Jonas brothers, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

Album: Disney’s Friends for Change

Year: 2009

  • Something Right:

Singer/Artist: Westlife

Album: Back Home

Year: 2007

  • Sparks Fly:

Singer/Artist: Landon Austin (Cover)

Album: Unknown

Year: Unknown

  • Somewhere Only We Know

Singer/Artist: Keane

Album: Hopes and Fears

Year: 2004

  • Summer of ’69:

Singer/Artist: Bryan Adams

Album: Reckless

Year: 1985

  • Angels Among Us

Singer/Artist: Alabama

Album: Cheap Seats

Year: 1993

  • Thriller:

Singer/Artist: Michael Jackson

Albbum: Thriller

Year: 1983

  • Tu hain aasman mein:

Singer/Artist: KK

Album: Jhankaar beats

Year: 2003

  • Uptown Girl:

Singer/Artist: Westlife (cover)

Album: World of our Own

Year: 2001

  • Wake Me Up:

Singer/Artist: Lea Michele (cover)

Album: the back-up plan

Year: 2014

  • We Will Rock You:

Singer/Artist: Queen

Album: News of the World

Year: 1977

  • Welcome Home:

Singer/Artist: Radical Face

Album: Ghost

Year: 2007

  • You are Not Alone:

Singer/Artist: Michael Jackson

Album: HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I

year: 1995

  • Photograph:

Singer/Artist: Nickelback

Album: All the Right Reasons

Year: 2005

  • If Today Was Your Last Day:

Singer/Artist: Nickelback

Album: Dark Horse

Year: 2008

  • Will You Be There:

Singer/Artist: Michael Jackson

Album: Dangerous and Free Willy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Year: 1993

  • We are the World:

Singer: USA for Africa

Album: We Are the World

Year: 1985

  • Incomplete:

Singer/Artist: Backstreet boys

Album: Never Gone

Year: 2004

  • Let it Be:

Singer/Artist: Beatles

Album: Let it Be

Year: 1970

  • Here Comes the Sun:

Singer/Artist: Beatles

Album: Abbey Road

Year: 1969

  • Kun Faya Kun:

Singer/Artist: Mohit Chauhan

Album: Rockstar

Year: 2011

  • Rolling in the Deep:

Singer/Artist: Adele

Album: Adele 21

Year: 2010

  • Maa:

Singer/Artist: Shankar Mahadevan

Album: Taare Zameen Par

Year: 2007



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