Mahabharata Quest by Christopher C Doyle: My Opinion

The book Mahabharata Quest by Christopher C Doyle is one of my favourite books this year. Being my book number 13 of the year, I was getting a little tired of books that were just not doing enough for me. So I went back to a genre I love best Thrill, and that I exactly what this book provided.

The book is a second book in the Mahabharata Secrets series by Doyle. The series is a thriller which explores the journey of a band of friends and acquaintances, Vijay, Colin, Radha and Mr Shukla as they are caught in a whirlwind of secrets and murders all rooted in the Indian myth of the Mahabharata or the Great Battle.  While the first book ends with the group uncovering a literally earth shattering truth, the second one is set shortly after, with the group pulled into a another mystery, much against their wishes, again related to the great legend.

The book, is based on the legends surrounding the Mahabharata and the legends of Alexander the Great. The things I love about the book are its pacing, which was fast, and kept you at the edge of your seats, the manner in which the narration jumps across the present times and the time of Alexander himself. This allows for the secret to be slowly revealed to the readers, which just adds to the suspense. I also must acknowledge the research that obviously went into the writing of this book.

However at times it seemed that the narration was perhaps to fast, and maybe the writer did not allow for the adequate build up. Also, a lot of the book was scientific mumbo jumbo which literally flew about 20 feet above my head. The book, ended at a cliffhanger, obviously meant to keep the readers engaged till the next book. A clever marketing move, which is increasingly being used by writers, but for someone like me, who likes stories wrapped up at the earliest, it is very frustrating.

But all of this is really knit picking, the long and short of it is, that I liked it and probably would give it a 8.5 or 9 out of 10. For those who love Dan Brown and the National Book of Secrets, do read this series!


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