Homesickness how I detest thee…

It’s day ten today and I guess my entire team is feeling a little homesick. It’s not helping matters that it’s been pouring cats and dogs since yesterday, and while it has definitely reduced temperatures and is good for agriculture, it is leaving us drenched and scrambling to figure out a way to get work done on time. 

It’s been ten days since I have seen a building taller than four floors, and that’s my hotel. For the last ten days I have been subsisting on bare minimum water (since taking bathroom breaks in a village isn’t that easy or advisable), ten days since I have been having food spicy enough that I am sure its burning my intestines on its way down, food that is so greasy that I am sure I have put on 4-5kgs in this time. Ten days since I have had a good strong cup of coffee, that’s not from an instant packets. Ten days since I have had to ask for water to drink when I need to. Five of those days were spent in the middle of a dessert, with so much sand that I am still trying to get it off my clothes and stuff. The last five days have been spend in an agricultural area where it’s so green that I am craving another colour now. From the monochrome of brown and green, I am desperate for the multi coloured city life. 

I guess the time from home is taking a toll on everyone. Everyone is quieter today, speaking; eating and drinking only when required. I guess everyone is waiting for tomorrow when we reach home. So what that it will be at mid night, with Us bone tired and just wanting to crash, preferably for a few days. So what, that we will probably get only about 5-6 hours of sleep; if we are lucky; before we head to work. It will still be home. 


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