I am ordinary and proud of it

An American actor, Misha Collins once said, “I want to live in a world where being normal is considered an insult.” A similar theme was adopted in the Indian movie ” Tamasha” which highlighted the importance of accepting the differences amongst individuals and not trying to fit everyone into one mold, and on an individual to search for a purpose of life for oneself without being restricted by societal standards. I think these are lovely thoughts, where difference and uniqueness would be valued and cherished.

However, these also led me to introspect a little bit today, and I found that surprise surprise; I am one of those who constantly walks the line. I am one of the hundreds who get up every morning, rush mindlessly to work, come back home and finish my day in front of the idiot box and scrub and repeat the next day.

I am not unique, I am not someone who is looking to fulfil some larger destiny. I am not destined for greatness, or even to be remembered by many after I am gone. But surprisingly I am okay with it. I am ordinary person, who will probably only matter to a handful of people. The most important work/achievement I will probably have in my life will amount only to my family.  But what is the harm in that.

Today, nerd is the new sexy. Today the buzz word is to be different, to be a rule breaker. But isn’t it more important to be happy, content and at peace with yourself. Yes, its a good thing to embrace those who want to color outside the lines so to speak, but that should not result in those who do stay within the lines being declared weak. There are some who are born to make a difference by doing amazing grand unique things. On the other hand, there are those who are meant to serve a purpose by just being ‘ordinary’.

So don’t worry if you are ordinary or unique! embrace your personality and don’t apologize. I am completely ordinary and I refuse to apologize for it.


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