A short story about love 

Kevin walked home….. All of eighteen years old, he felt for the first time like an adult. The slight burn on his bicep doing nothing to dim his pride and joy in what he had accomplished. He let the white bandage shine through this short sleeved t shirt just as he would let his feelings, now etched forever on his skin. He eagerly awaited the moment when he would be able to show his mother how he had used his birthday money. 

However, all those hopes were shattered when he reached home. His mother’s eyes lit up when they fell on him, like they always did. But dimmed when they fell on the white bandage. “What did you do?” She inquired, her voice reflecting her anger and also her fear. “Mom relax I just got a tattoo… You said I could use my birthday money for anything I wanted” he replied, not quite understanding what the big fuss was. “Just got a tattoo…..What in the world were you thinking…. Do you know how dangerous it is… Where did you get it done… Was it even sanitary… What if you get infected with HIV…. And what in the world did you get done… How can you permanently etch something on your skin like that… What of when you are older and you don’t like it hunh? ” she exclaimed not quite able to believe her son would be so irresponsible. “No mom it’s not like that, I would never want to remove this, if you just see what…..” ” no…. Nothing doing, I will find out about a specialist tomorrow and we will get this removed, do you understand. Now go up to your room”. 

Kevin trudged up to his room, heart sinking with every step he took. Why couldn’t his mom understand, he wasn’t a kid anymore, he was legally an adult damn it and he knew what he was doing. He stepped into the bathroom and pulled off the bandage, the words had been put there only a few hours ago but they were not new to him in anyway. He haughtily brushed away the tears threatening to spill and nodded to himself in the mirror. He did not regret his decision or what he had tattooed on his arm and as he stared at the clean words on his arm ” I Love My Mom” he decided, he would make his mother see just that. 

 Ok, this is a short story that was in my head for sometime now, would love to hear feedback on how it was. 


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