I woke up today with a smile


I woke up today with a smile;

Well rested, happy to be alive;

I have come a long way from where I began;

A long way since when I first ran;


I have shed some of my self- doubt, jealousy and hate;

Along with a lot of my weight;

I let go of some of my baggage;

Let go of stuff that was doing damage;


They say this is me growing up;

That I have finally wizened up;

All I know is that I am happier than I have ever been;

I am finally comfortable in my own skin;


Make no mistake; the scars are still there;

They will always be my burdens to bear;

But, today I smile and laugh as I please;

Today my heart is genuinely at peace;


A day may come when the doubts return;

When I once again feel that familiar burn;

But that day I will not cringe and retreat in fright;

Instead, I promise to stand tall and fight.


Akshita Misra



Mother Doesn’t want a dog

This is not an original poem, but I loved it so thought would share.

Mother doesn’t want a dog.

Mother says they smell,

And never sit when you say sit,

Or even when you yell.

And when you come home late at night

And there is ice and snow,

You have to go back out because The dumb dog has to go.


Mother doesn’t want a dog.

Mother says they shed,

And always let the strangers in

And bark at friends instead,

And do disgraceful things on rugs,

And track mud on the floor,

And flop upon your bed at night

And snore their doggy snore.


Mother doesn’t want a dog.

She’s making a mistake.

Because, more than a dog,

I think She will not want this snake

by- Judith Viorst


Expectations, how crippling are you;

Giving me something to look forward to;

Making me chase dreams, only to bring them crashing down;

Am I a doll with whom you can just play around;

Raising hopes and probabilities;

Without ever mentioning the liabilities;

You won this game;

Albeit it wasn’t fair, what a shame;

So go ahead, enjoy your win;

Next time I will remember, you are a wolf in sheep’s skin.

by- Akshita Misra


The cry of the Himalayas

Come; let me tell you a tale;

But be warned beforehand; that it is not hearty or gale,

For even though I am the youngest of my kind;

I am much older than you can mind,


This tale is of my mother and her offspring;

And the destruction that a tantrum can bring,

For yes that is what this is;

The tantrum of an imbecile child in an attempt to tame that powerful mother of his,


This child, who was a symbol of love and care;

A child whose protection for us was to be a prayer,

A youngest who was our mother’s heir;

A youngest we were to follow without restraint or care,


However, this imprudent child forgot what he was taught;

Forgot what he should never have aught,

 And in his prideful endeavour;

Went about taming his creator,


He lashed out with his technology and machine;

Polluting everything that was once clean and pristine,

His every attack leaving us bloody and scarred;

Our beautiful mother, now marred and charred,


Now, we wounded children, are rising to fight back;

To respond to each scar and hack,

We curse you; you impudent child;

To learn how dangerous is the ‘wild’ when riled,


We curse you to see your offsprings suffer and hurt;

As we return you to dirt,

As you sow; so shall you reap,

As did we, so shall you weep;

So, remember this story when you see;

The destruction Mother Nature can bring to be.

-by Akshita Misra

Have you ever……

You ever felt like you don’t belong?

Like you haven’t been at home in so long?

Ever felt foreign in your own skin?

Ever felt like an outsider amongst your own kin?

Ever felt like every decision weighs a ton?

But you never know which answer is the right one.

Ever felt like you have so much to say?

But can never find the right time of day.

Ever felt lonely in a crowd?

Ever felt the silence grow loud?

I am told everyone has this feeling, goes through this phase,

And that I will know the answer, when I exit this maze,

You Said it

You walked away..

You said it the other day…

You said you don’t care….

Said it wasn’t your burden to bear…


When did we become this…

When did things go so amiss……

When did I have to think before leaning on you……

When did the we change into I and you….


Now here I am..

Nobody gives a damn…

All alone in this room……..

Why does it feel like it’s full of gloom……


I wanna go back…

When knowing what you were thinking was a knack…

Go back to the time when you used to care….

When what we had was seen as precious and rare…….


But you walked away..

You said it the other day…

You said you don’t care….

Said it wasn’t your burden to bear…


So I suppose I am to move on now……

Disregard every single promise and vow…

But don’t I get a say…

But it doesn’t matter what I have to say…

Because you walked away…….

You said it the other day…

You said you don’t care….

Said it wasn’t your burden to bear…



Akshita Misra